Several optical tokens – the quBricks – can be freely placed on the board and combined into various experiments. In addition to optical elements, the tokens contain sensors and microprocessors through which the Quantenkoffer can recognize, readout and digitally control them.

Optical bricks – the quBricks


  • Connects board to source and detectors
  • High-precision: Simply plug in and get started
  • Two to four periscopes needed on the board for all experiments

Mirror 45°

  • Deflects the beam by 90°
  • Fine adjustment, manually or motorized
  • Basic token for many experiments such as interferometer and speed of light

Beam Splitter

  • Splits or merges the laser beam
  • 50:50 or polarization-dependent
  • Basic token for interferometer and random number generator

Mirror 90°

  • Reflects the beam in itself
  • Optionally adjustable in beam direction
  • Essential for the Michelson interferometer and quantum eraser


  • Lossless polarization manipulation
  • λ/2 or λ/4 integrated plates
  • For advanced polarization experiments such as quantum cryptography & tomography


  • Measurement of the laser beam
  • View via display & external devices
  • Beam adjustment, interference phenomena with bright light

Fiber Coupler

  • Couples the beam into optical fibers
  • Efficient, automatic fiber coupling possible
  • Enables the connection of further detectors and the combination with external setups

Double Slit

  • A classic for interference phenomena
  • Different slit widths, grids, individual slits
  • Special token for double-slit experiments with single photons or bright light